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3 Things To Know Before Booking A Trip To An International Music Festival

Tomorrowland 2017 has hit a home run even before its artist lineup is officially revealed. One of, if not, the biggest electronic dance music festivals in the world has grown even bigger, expanding to two July weekends and will feature stages from some of the biggest labels in the world! Like Tomorrowland, the international music festival scene has seen massive growth over the years and 2017 is poised to be its’biggest yet. With the creation of new events, and expansion of popular, existing ones, it’s easy to get excited about booking a trip abroad. The possibilities of new adventures, new friends, new foods, new music….dancing abroad is so worth it; take it from this veteran traveler. However, as the scene grows across the globe, so do the threats.

The recent shootings at an Istanbul nightclub and the BPM Festival in Playa del Carmen remind us that tragedy can happen any time, anywhere; EDM events included. Terror should never deter you from journeying beyond our North American borders; that’s what evil wants. But if you’re interested in going to Tomorrowland, or a different international music festival, it’s important to be prepared and informed. And no, we’re not just talking about packing enough clothes and toiletries. Here are some things to keep in mind before taking your dancing shoes abroad:

Government Travel Alerts and Warnings

Current American Travel Warning For Mexico (Photo: U.S. State Department)

For Americans, the U.S. State Department has a website that currently lists warnings and alerts for more than 50 countries. Most of these alerts tell traveling Americans to exercise caution and, in some cases, really consider going to a particular country, or even continent, at all. Looking around, one alert that is noteworthy is one that covers ALL of Europe. It was issued last November and says Americans should take note of “heightened risks” throughout the continent. It expires next month, but can be extended if threats persist. Keeping an eye on travel alerts come festival season would be wise; you never know what danger you might unknowingly be walking right into.

Embassy Locations and Contact Information

Knowing where your country’s embassy is located during your next travel adventure could be helpful should tragedy strike. What is an embassy? It’s the diplomatic representation of a country’s government in another county. It transmits messages of its home government to the government of the host country, and vice-versa. It also promotes its own culture in the host country. Most embassies are located near capitals and major cities and can offer its’ countries citizens a safe haven, providing assistance in a multitude of ways. For Americans, embassy location, and contact information, can be found online.

Is Your Passport Current?

Should be a no brainer. You aren’t going anywhere with an expired passport. Need a passport? Apply for one months in advance. They can take weeks to process!

Planning on flying outside the country to go to an international festival this year? Are you a frequent flier who has more tips to share? Drop a comment and let us know!