3 Reasons Audien Is A Paradiso 2014 Must-See (Exclusive Interview)

22 year-old Connecticut native Nathaniel Rathbun never could have predicted the massive heights he’d rise to in a few short years. The talented DJ/producer took on the name Audien, and has since made himself into one of the premier progressive/trance artists in the game. Seattle in particular can’t get enough of him, especially after seeing him sell out Foundation Nightclub in February. Now the Northwest will get treated to another appearance from the young Anjunabeats maven at the Digital Oasis at 8pm this Friday.

But why exactly should Audien be on your Adventure Planner? For one, Rathbun shares a passion for the Seattle scene that seems to run deep with any artist that passes through our fair city.

I love Seattle. The crowd is sophisticated and always seems to know their music … they come not only to party – but to listen and be challenged.

For anyone looking to “listen and be challenged” tomorrow night, we highly recommend reading on for the top three reasons why Audien should be a main priority for you come Friday.


1. For The Love Of The Gorge
2. For The Love Of The Music
3. For The Love Of The Journey