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2CBEATZ Brings Dance Music To The Olympia Ballroom

2CBEATZ, or as some refer to as Will Erickson, will be bringing more electronic dance music to Olympia in September. Typically, Seattle is known for nights of electronic dance music and great headliners, but 2CBEATZ will be offering a similar opportunity in a less populated location, Olympia. The Olympia Ballroom will host Crazy Daylight, Patrick Walen, Skyline Selector and more on Saturday September 6th. is anticipated to bring “seriously, funked up music with crunchy bass lines, glitches and a twisted mash of melodic and heavy dancefloor grooves.” Patrick Walen, an up and coming producer developing his own sound, will offer a variety of house as well as nu-disco. Skyline Selector, a DJ who opens for Foundation Nightclub on occasion, will add his own unique twist to the night.

If you’re looking for a night away from Seattle, but still want to enjoy electronic dance music, be sure to mark September 6th as your night of opportunity. Take a listen to Crazy Daylight, Patrick Walen, as well as Skyline Selector and let us know what you think of their music.

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