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2016 In Review: A DMNW Writer’s Favorite Festival Moments

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2016 was a busy year for the Dance Music Northwest crew. From flying to Vegas for a few nights under the electric sky, to driving deeeeeeeeep into the heart of British Columbia for Bass Coast, we were dancing across the west side North America, celebrating life, music, friendship and everything else PLUR. Our travels took us to festivals and massives we’ve come to know and love: Shambhala, Paradiso, FVDED, etc., in addition to ones that made were making their 2016 debut, such as Bliss: The Awakening and Magnifique. It’s hard to pick our favorite festival of the year; each event brought new experiences and memories that’ll last a life time. Speaking of memories, boy, there were a ton of memories! Check out some of our favorites:

A Little Opus To Ring In 2016

Kicking Off 2016 With A Little Pryda (Photo: Turk Photos)

When it comes to creating a story through music, Eric Pryz is one of the best around. Making his only Pacific Northwest appearance of 2016, Prydz crafted one of the more beautiful sets of the year during his headlining performance at Resolution2016. Using Opus as the New Year countdown song was genius. The track’s slow build synched with the countdown clock, creating a mix of anxiety and eagerness as the seconds ticked toward midnight. When the clock hit 12 AM, hello euphoria! The drop occurred and everyone was jumping up and down as balloons and confetti rained from the sky. You really had to be there to experience that magical moment!

A State of Trance Returned To Vancouver

Photo: DMNW Team

After performing at Paradiso 2015, we didn’t have to wait long for the Armin van Buuren to make his Pacific Northwest return. Serving as the headliner of the Canadian Valentine’s massive, Get Together: 2016, the godfather of trance spread the love with a wonderful two hour set. Playing hits both new and old, the energy in the Pacific Coliseum was through the roof! By the end of night, we were singing along to Another You…that was until he dropped the track’s festival remix, which features a crackin’ drop that had everyone jumping up and down! A perfect way to end the night.

Steve Aoki Bringing The Feels With Celine Dion At Lucky


Anyone who’s familiar with Steve Aoki knows to expect the unexpected when it comes to Dim Mak’s leading general. We bore witness to that at Lucky 2016, when he played My Heart Will Go On during the middle of his set. Thousands sung along, hands to the ceiling, as all the feels kicked in. The most surprising drop of the entire evening, his transition to his track Titanic was worthy of applause. Talk about creativity!

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