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20 Acres Burn Near LAMP Venue In Tenino [UPDATED]

LAMP (or more accurately, Lazers Arts & Music Project) took place over August 8th, 9th and 10th. The festival was held on Crane Street in Tenino. This weekend in the state of Washington temperatures were extremely high with expected dry conditions. With such conditions there were several fires throughout the state that DNR: Fire crews battled in Tenino, Rochester area and Shelton . Each of these fires started at about 2pm Sunday afternoon, one of those fires starting on Crane Street in Tenino.

LAMP Location

With details still developing, it has been stated the fire that started in Tenino

has so far burned about 20 acres, including one structure and several vehicles, she said. It wasn’t immediately clear if the structure was a home or an outbuilding, Pearce said. Homes remain threatened, she said.

After a video that a few LAMP attendees took went viral, the LAMP Facebook event soon disappeared as well as the video of the fire. With festival season upon us and dry conditions being inventible from time to time, it is important to remember to stay safe. If there are signs posted about no open flames, no camp fires, etc., it is for your own safety, as well as others. A small camp fire can quickly spread into an uncontrollable field of flames.

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[UPDATE] “Keano TheBassment Martinez” posted at 4:41pm that

There was an accidental fire set in an empty area of the venue. There were very few attendees on site and the fire is currently being contained.

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