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The 10 Years Of Beatport Stats Everyone Is Talking About

Beatport released stats today from the past 10 years of electronic music. Do you remember what you were listening to 10 years ago? Dubstep, techno, deep house, dnb? We can now access these statistics; they are clear as day, in black, white, red, and so on. But why should we care? First off, it’s interesting to see who was on their game 10 years ago, and who is still on top of the chart today; maybe that’s who we should be listening to. Secondly, if you don’t point at the screen with your friends, running your finger up and down the graph, saying something like, “Haha, yea, that seems about right”, then you’ve lived a very sheltered life over the past 10 years and we’re very sorry.

Enough of the mumbo jumbo, you want to know who made it right? What artists stood their ground? Well, you’ll see names like Deadmau5, Mark Knight, Zedd, Alesso, and so on. Artists charts aren’t the only thing you are gonna find in these statistics though. Beatport has also included a genre popularity chart, which is both funny and accurate. Statistics can be boring a lot of time, but we promise you, you’ll enjoy what Beatport has put together here.