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The 10 Most Memorable Sets From Paradiso 2014

We all know a “Top 10 ____” article is more or less one person’s opinion that you either agree with, somewhat agree with, or don’t agree with at all. From what we were able to catch at this year’s Paradiso Festival (because lets face it, we couldn’t be at three stages at once), we compiled a list of 10 sets we feel you should have seen too. While not necessarily making any one set better than another, from what we were able to experience there was a good reason we all couldn’t stop talking about them.

If you have more sets to add to this list, we strongly encourage you to comment your thoughts below!


Above & BeyondZeddSeven LionsFlux PavilionCookie MonstaAndrew RayelBassnectarAlvin RiskInfected MushroomZomboyHonorable Mention