a year in review 2014

The Best of 2014 In 14 Photos

A lot happened this year, do you remember? No worries, We've highlighted 14 of the biggest events, news stories, and breakthroughs that took place this year; news that no one should forget come 2015. We take...
lego daft punk

Daft Punk Legos. Lego Lovers Rejoice!

This mysterious duo of robots has always captivated us with their antics and incredible music. Well, it looks like they will likely be making Lego appearances in the near future. We already have the Daft Punk...

Essential EDM Stories

Deadmau5 and disposable camera = gold

Disposable Camera + Deadmau5 = Gold

Notorious EDM bad boy Joel Zimmerman aka Deadmau5 – yeah, we know he would hate being associated with the term EDM – delivered a surprising holiday gift to one eager fan. Deadmau5 supporter, known only...